Friday, May 2, 2008

The Longest Week

Most weeks go by very quickly. This one on the other hand has seemed to move in reverse and stop then move slowly forward. We are waiting on clarification on the news released from the DIA (Department of International Adoptions) earlier this week. News that can shed factual light on exactly what is going to happen with Vietnamese adoptions. We are in limbo at this point with Holt being in contact with us Monday, and we wait a new communication today.
Factual news reports are hard to come by. Most have conflicting information, as the writers have no clue what they are talking about. From these stories, a dark cloud looms over the process and ASPs (Adoption Service Providers) which is totally false. As always, the media makes it look like all agencies working in country are to blame which is just not the case. There are agencies like ours (Holt) that play by the rules and do not participate in any of the alleged activities which have surfaced in the report released one week ago today.
We feel blessed to be where we are and with the good people at Holt working so hard to get us information in a timely manner. They truly have their families in mind and are doing everything in their power to communicate with both sides in order to seek clarity.
Two scenarios have surfaced over the past week:

1) All adoptions will stop on July 1, 2008. Which means that in order to continue in the process PAPs will have to have dossier in country and receive a referral by this date.

2) Viet Nam will accept applications (dossiers) until July 1, 2008. Those PAPs that have a referral and matched with a child before the MOU expiration date of September 1, 2008 will be allowed to continue.

We HOPE and PRAY that it is the later of the two. There are other pieces of information that are available but we have been asked not to share these with the general community, as talks are on-going at this point between our folks at Holt and involved parties.
So for now we turn up the patience knob again. Thanks for all the prayers from family, friends and fellow Holt families. They are all needed and appreciated. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! That dreaded team from the North side of Chicago is in town for a three game set...GO CARDS!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have to believe that everything is going to work out just perfectly. Maybe this is God's way of trying your patience before you become parents. Besides Olivia needs a friend to play with!

Grandma Smith said...

We just have to believe that everything will work out fine. You both deserve this so much. We know God is in control but that doesn't make it easy for us. It is sooooo hard to sit and wait when that is all we can do. We love you both and we are praying everyday that this will be the day you get the call. Love you Mom and Dad