Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Looking Forward

A very busy next few months for us as we get ready for Sophie to come home. Projects, those classic "'round-to-its" that we have wanted to do are now getting finished. We built our home 4 years ago and made the BIG mistake of doing some carpet downstairs. Not only is there carpet but it is as close to white as you can get. So, for those of you who have cats, you know they enjoy hoarking up those beauty hairballs, while you sleep and not on tile, but of course on the carpet. So we have decided to rip out the 600 Sq. Ft of carpet that is downstairs and replace it with wood. Getting Sophie's room finished is obviously important too. Weekends are becoming more and more sparse and finding that free time is almost impossible as we look at the calendar towards November.
We think that in the next week or so, we should receive our letter confirmation (via e-mail) that the USCIS in Saigon is in receipt of our I-600 paperwork and the processing wait of around 45 days begins. Since VN is 12 hours ahead of us, most PAPs say they wake up one morning and presto in their e-mail there is the notice. It is one of the things we look forward to during weekday mornings. We then have Sophie's dossier approval by the MOJ/DOJ, People's Committee Approval, and then I-600 approval.



J and J said...

I just noticed the picture of Sophie in the eye. that is neat!
have fun gettig the room ready, can't wait to see pictures!

StaceynCorey said...

Busy, busy, busy. You'll be so glad you got all this done before Sophie comes home though. Home improvement also helps the wait go by quickly. Have fun!

Storm & KM said...

Very cool photo!!! How do you do all this computer stuff? Not much time for you guys now (it is Thanksgiving); I am far away, but I am thinking of you!!!