Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Year Ago

Well, one year ago today we submitted the application to Holt. It was our third attempt to adopt but with Holt everything just felt right. And we were right.
We have had our our ups and downs, total meltdowns and days like 6/13/08 when we were matched with our little girl. All the paperwork, late nights early mornings, hundreds upon hundreds of miles driven to and from places. Wow, it has been a long year. But looking back the amount of information and knowledge we have gained is so immense. People ask why it takes so long. Honestly it is hard to really make them understand, but really we are lucky. VERY LUCKY. In December last year, when we were place on the waiting list to be matched with a child, we were told to expect 12-18 months for the period. It was just over six due to the news process regarding our dossier and hustling to get things done.
We have seen just over 11,000 different visitors since we started the site. People from all over the world. It is really fun to see! Thanks to everyone for staying tuned. The best parts are still to come. We dread though that time is coming to a standstill once again for us. We are finding it more difficult to stay busy as we wait for these next approvals. Our other Holt PAPs that are waiting like us know how it feels. We are seeing new TAs (travel approvals) which is great and we hope to see more! One day, it will be our turn. Just gotta be patient a tad bit longer, and for me..I have normally had all the patience in the world, but now it seems that is being tested. Both Tricia and I are having dreams about Sophie, normally each night. Anywho, things will get there. November will be here soon. Thanks again for joining us! Stay tuned!



StaceynCorey said...

Ah, I remember all those feelings; the nightly dreams of our baby to be, the slipping patience, the feelings of joy and anticipation. Your Sophie will no doubt be everthing you've dreamed of and then some!

Thomas & Cathy said...

Cathy and I are so excited for you guys! Believe me, we know it's hard to be patient. Just think, you'll have her to celebrate Christmas with! We look forward to Sophie and Emma playing together when you're in Oklahoma! Many Blessings- Thomas & Cathy

J and J said...

We have enjoyed following your journey. We also pray for your family daily along with other Holt families.

We can't wait to continue to follow along in the coming months. Travel is right around the corner. Although we understand how hard it gets. Days feel like weeks...weeks like months. But from what everyone has said as soon as Sophie is in your arms those timeframes seem to be forgotten.