Monday, October 20, 2008

Day +35

Right now as I type it is 7:00pm in Viet Nam. Another business day has passed, marking day 35 waiting for the I-600 approval. Even though it is fall we should normally see shorter days, well not for us. Days are VERY long and drawn out. Work weeks are good (did I just say that?) because we are both super busy there, weekends tend to drag on though. My sister had her 40th birthday party Friday, Trish packed Sophie's suitcase Saturday morning, I worked outside and went to the Blues game Saturday night (SORRY CHICAGO...IT IS STILL CHOKE-TOBER). I guess we just hang tight like we have been doing for the past 426 days. Its hard. Really hard. Now we understand what other PAPs said that THIS, this wait is worse that waiting to me matched with a child! is. Worst wait we have ever been through. Our hearts are with and we do not know how the Dong Nai families cope. God bless you all! Hoping day +36 will be that day!
If you all look in the Holt family links there are some new family sites that have been added. Some are in Viet Nam with their children, others are in the same boat we are.

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Ann said...

You are so right, the wait once matched is the WORST! It is hard for those who haven't been through it to imagine. Some think it's a breeze compared to a physical birth but having done both, I can tell you the adoption wait is by far the most painful.

Luckily, like birth, once the baby is home, we forget how horrible it was . . . praying that day comes quickly for you two. You have waited so very long.