Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shower.....Paint.....Almost Ready

Tricia had her Tulsa shower this past weekend. A great group of family and friends joined her to help prepare her for Sophie. Thanks to the ladies that helped organize the day for her.

We are also a few more steps closer to getting her room finished. Some wall things, window coverings and a few more furniture items and we can cross that off of the list!


Anonymous said...

Wow the room looks great! We just can't wait for Sophie to be able to enjoy her lovely room. It is such an an exciting time for parents waiting for their child to be home. It is so much fun getting everything ready. You both are going to be awesome parents. We are so proud of you both and getting to share all the neat things you are doing to the house is very exciting. We love you both and are anxiously waiting the arrival of Sophie!!!!!!!!!

Love you
Mom and Dad

StaceynCorey said...

OMGness!! So, so exciting. I can just feel how close you are to travel and all the wonderful exciting things that lead up to finally becoming parents. Looks like you're enjoying every minute of preparing for your sweet Sophie.