Monday, October 20, 2008

Rack of Lamb with Peaches

Sounds nasty yes? Well obviously Peaches the cat thought different! We are sitting in my office downstairs, Trish is doing photos from her shower. From the kitchen this crashing of something and sounds of paper bags with two cats. Well, Mr. Peaches has decided to get into a leftover bag of rack of lamb that was on the counter. Little did he realize that his head would get caught through the loop on the to-go bag and he is running around the house with his sister Puck our other cat in hot pursuit. It sounded like two bulls in a china shop. Upstairs they go, Peaches still with the bag around his head...yep....where does he end up....Through Sophie's room, lamb ribs flying out into the upstairs loft, under our bed, Sophie's crib. So finally we get him and below are the pix! Kind of a great way to laugh things off on a Monday night at the Belz Centre!!!

mmmmmmmmm lamb!

Oh yeah, and this is NOT the first time that this has happened. Another time was a plastic shopping bag, sorry no photos of that, but this one takes the cake..... You write your own headline and story to the below shot of Peaches the cat.

"Son? Is that a panty on your head?"

YEP!! SURE IS!!!!!
Taken about one year ago!!!

Great job Peaches....can't wait until the next gut buster!!!


Stevens Family said...

I once asked if pets can prepare you for children after a particularly bad blow out in the kennel after the dogs got sick. The answer was and still is, YES!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peaches for a good laugh, that must have been something to see.

Grandma and Grandad