Monday, January 26, 2009

First Day Of School & Chuc Mung Nam Moi

"Back to school, back to school ... I've got my lunch packed up boots tied tight, hope I don't get in a fight oh back to school, back to ........" Billy Madison

Yes! That is right! Momma heads back to work after the never ending weekend and SLB heads to school. She had a rough night last night for some reason, so we are hoping she will not be cranky at school. She is only going 1/2 days for a couple of weeks.
Ready to go with my backpack!

Also, here are some pictures from her birthday (sorry not sooner, but Trish had the camera in Tulsa).
Sophie makes her grand entrance to the shin-dig in her pretty party dress

Kisses to Mimi and Moots!

With cousins Jack and Mason (

Proud Grandad with Sophie and Mommy!

Poppa's girls!

Smiles with Poppa's buddy Uncle Mike McIntyre.



And Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year) This is the year of the water buffalo!!! Tet or Lunar New Year is celebrated by Vietnamese people all over the world. It begins on the first new moon of the new lunar year. The Tet celebrations began toady and run thru Friday night. We plan some fun things this week with Sophie and we plan to continue this for many years. More on Tet can be found HERE


Anonymous said...

Sophie looks like she's doing great! Hope the first day of school went well. Happy Tet!

Libby said...

Happy Tet to you three! Hope day #1 at school went well.

maxhelcal said...

Love that cake!!!!!!!!!! I am a huge Hello Kitty fan!

Stevens Family said...

What a great day to have your first day of school. I hope she had a great 1st day!
Looks like her birthday was great fun. Love the cake! Autumn loves "Kitty" :)