Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Projects Move Along

When God made me I think he forgot the home improvement skills. I can do simple things like paint but nothing like the good man (my brother-in-law Tim) at Riley Contracting Inc. He owns a home improvement company and does a great job, so he is finishing up Sophie's room today and tomorrow with the chair rails and then he is going to do the paint while he is at it! THANKS TIM!!!! So we can scratch that of the list. Just pick-up the remainder of the furniture and presto! Room almost ready!
Also, yesterday I walk in from work and see this scene going on in the front hall. A cat in a box and my wife with tools putting together the high chair/toddler chair that the Hognon Clan (My oldest sister Diehnee and her family) got for Sophie! THANKS AUNT DIEHNEE, UNCLE CHRIS, SARAH, CAROLINE, PETER AND JACK!

Peaches, what's up my man?

Kind of a challenge eh?

Finished and ready for a little girl!


Anonymous said... Sophie has a bed, high chair and ooodles of clothes. Now all you have to do is feed and raise her for the next 18+++ years. See how simple it is???? :)

Her Christmas stocking is in the trustworthy hands of "BROWN" headed west to St. Louis for finishing. I can't believe this is my 7th stocking, but what a special one it is.


Laura said...

What a gorgeous high chair! I want one. :-)

-Laura Gordon