Monday, September 22, 2008

Gotcha Day for 3 Families

A wonderful day for three fellow Holt Binh Duong families, who were united with their beautiful children today. Gotcha day is the day that all adoptive parents work towards. It is the day that you legally have your child. It is what Trish and I have been dreaming about for the past 4 years since we began our adoption journey. We want to extend a special congrats to Thomas and Cathy, Jack and Johanna and Eric and Joelle who now have their children! Below are pix from T&C site with their little girl Emma. They are from OKC which is 100 miles southwest of Tulsa were Tricia's Mom and Dad live. We hope to meet T&C and Emma this winter sometime when we head to Oklahoma so the two girls can be life-long buddies! Make sure to visit all three families sites over the next 2 or so weeks for the remainder of their beautiful trips!!!
Sophie was not at the orphanage, so no new pictures of videos at this point. We are at a very difficult part of our adoption. We are now on pins and needles waiting for the next approval e-mails to roll in from Holt regarding Sophie's dossier approval by the MOJ and People's Committee approval. We are expecting to have the first any day now to keep us on track with that late October or early November travel. Currently we are on business day number 16 of our I-600 approval process. We still religiously change the number on the ice box each day! We know that there is so much to do before we head across the Pacific, but we are ready to go on a moments notice! Hang on Sophie, Mom and Pop will be there soon!!!

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