Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I-600 Received!

CIS E-mail came in early this morning that they have our I-600. So from the date on the letter of August 29th, they estimate around 60 business days to verify Sophie's orphan status. Other families have seen around 45. This will be the final approval that we receive (comes after Sophie's dossier approval and People's Committee approval) before our travels! A GOOD day today! Countdown is now underway.
Also a little, kind of childish thing we can have fun with is to "change the number on the ice box" game! Each day closer to CIS approval we add a digit! Wow, are we desperate for things to do or what?


Anonymous said...

VIETNAM HERE WE COME! It feels so good to have the final clock ticking!!! Better get to work on all the rest of the "before baby" chores!!! I bet Sophie will be running (not walking) in your update!! YAY!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!! Your patience is paying off! It looks like the NKOTB concert might not happen for ya Mama Belz...we will see:)
-Mama Walker

Libby said...

YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE! So cool! We can't wait to meet Sophie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow another step closer to having Sophie home with her new family. Everything is going well. We just can't wait to see our beautiful grandaughter and to be able to hold her and not just look at her picture. God has blessed us all.

Love Grandma and Grandad

StaceynCorey said...

Great news. Come on I600 approval!

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are getting close. You will make great parents.

Tim W