Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What is Going On Around The Belz House?

One royal mess! Basically everything downstairs minus the kitchen bathroom and my "man cave" are totally destroyed living on sub-floors until the guys come to install our wood floors next Monday. Upstairs, Sophie's room is in the works, furniture is arriving and we are getting ready to do some chair rails and paint. We did the gift shopping and have all that ready to go in one of the other 3 bedrooms upstairs.
We have our parents-in-progress classes next weekend, and then off to Tulsa for a shower the following weekend. Good Lord I am looking at the calendar and there are not many weekends left! I have this guy feeling we will be in Viet Nam come
late October now instead of November. With adoptions now closed, the amount of incoming paperwork will be less and hope to have it all completed soon! Regardless, there is a ton of things to get finished before we bring our little princess home and life as DINKs (Dual income no kids) comes to a halt. Which we are so excited to begin a new chapter in our lives with Sophie. Hoping to have news from Holt on Sophie's dossier approval this week :-)


StaceynCorey said...

Great time for some renovation. I'd love to see pics of the finished product (especially Sophie's room) :)

Late October would sure be awesome :)

Destiny said...

I really miss the Belz house... :(

Anonymous said...

I can't wait....the new pics are so exciting!