Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Weekend..........

This weekend we will be attending our parents in process (PIP) classes. These are required for all Holt adoptive families before they travel. Classes are all day long today and half day tomorrow.
The purpose of the classes is to educate us about being adoptive parents and some of the challenges that we may face. Certain issues like attachment and grieving are highlighted but it is more of a what to expect class for us.
Side note, we have another Binh Duong Holt family that has received travel approval and I-600 approval! They will be leaving for Viet Nam in the coming weeks for arrival on October 4 for their Giving and Receiving Ceremony on the 6th! CONGRATS JESS AND JOE!! We are excited for you all to go get Quinn!!!! From what we know (of those Holt Viet Nam families) we will be two of the last to travel in Viet Nam to complete our journey. Kind of scary and somber but it will be a VERY exciting trip!!!! Have a great weekend!

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Jess and Joe said...

Thanks, Hank and Tricia! We will give Sophie lots of hugs from Mom and Dad, and hope you'll be following us soon after. Enjoy your PIP classes!