Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Sad Day Has Passed

A sad day for all families in the Viet Nam program. The September 1 deadline has now passed with no new agreement between the US and Viet Nam. We are sad for the children that are now caught in the middle of this and for those families that are in process without being matched with a child. We were praying that something would come out but it looks as if it is not going to be so. Not yet. We will continue to pray for those families that look towards new programs or sit and wait to see if new agreements can be agreed upon with the best interest of the children in mind. We know of a few fellow Holt families that are without a referral and please know we are thinking about you all and praying that this will work its way out.
On our front, we are good, with the DIA affirming that we have been formally matched with our little angel Sophie. So we continue forward. Hoping to see an e-mail each morning from the USCIS in Viet Nam that they are in receipt of our I-600 and the process begins, or that Sophie's dossier has been approved. In the meantime we have a disaster of a house on our hands. Everything on the first floor is ready for the new floors. We also purchased Sophie's crib this weekend-THANKS TO TRICIA'S PARENTS!!!!THANKS GRANDMA AND GRANDAD SMITH!We will post pix here soon. As with life, we change courses and and decided on a different furniture color than white. Stay tuned..........News at 11!

~ Sophie's Pop

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