Friday, January 9, 2009

Docs & Holt Visits

Yesterday we visited the doctor. There is a special department at Cardinal Glennon Children's hospital here called FACES and they only deal with Internationally adopted children. We saw Dr. Ladage who is the best in the business and everything is going well with our girl. She is above her age in social skills and on track with everything else, except language for obvious reasons. She is learning though and seems to understand things that we say. Her vocab now includes, Mom, Poppa, dog, meow, please, and she tries her hardest to say all the words we are teaching her. Little known to Sophie she would be a pin cushion as well with 5 shots and blood work. She screamed bloody murder but slept soundly last night! We go back in a month for a follow-up.
Today we had our 1 month visit from our Holt social worker. She was very happy to see Sophie for the first time and that things are going well. Sophie is getting better with Poppa. Each day we are seeing more interaction. She will laugh and play with him when they are alone especially when they eat or just hang out.
Our eternal weekend is slowly winding down though. Hank goes back to work on the 19th and Tricia phases back on the 26th, She will be back full-time at the end of February. A wonderful school is lined up for Sophie and we will begin introducing her there next week.
We are really loving this parenting thing and the joy this little angel has brought.
Today, we have had Sophie for 1 month. Today 1/9 also marks another milestone in our family life. It was five years ago today that Tricia was diagnosed with cancer, and God has blessed her with good health ever since!

Smiles at the doctor's office..........


Libby said...

A day I know comes with mixed emotions but look at how far you BOTH have come in 5 years! You took a situation and turned it around into something that is totally a gift from God! Happy 1 month to you THREE! We love you!

Anonymous said...

An all is good...Love you