Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two-Fers and Haircuts

We went to have "two-fers" with Mimi at the Gatesworth last night and also to meet Aunt Gigi (Mimi's SIL). They live at this awesome "old folks home" as they call it. Heck we would love to live there! Each Friday night is happy hour and cocktails are 2 for 1! So we stopped in and introduced Sophie.
Today was beauty day! Both Mommy and Sophie had hair appointments. Sophie was great. We thought she would totally freak out when they sprayed her hair but nope....she was totally perfect the entire time.
Pop is headed out to the hockey game tonight to give the girls some "quality time". We have not had individual time in a month so tonight will be good for all three of us.
Hangin out with Aunt Gigi

Nicole getting me ready!


A little more off the back please.....

Aren't I just glamorous?


Anonymous said...

What a brave girl! Now that Sophie got her Kentucky Waterfall whacked off, I guess it is Olivia's turn to lose the rat tail!

Val, Mike and Brax said...

wow what a good girl!!! i still have to hog tie brax in my lap when he gets haircuts (he's had like 5 and he behaves worse each time). it's pretty embarrassing actually. sophie is such a doll!

Anonymous said...

What a busy and beautiful little girl! I am stunned that she was so good.....know that made one more step with her a piece of cake.

Did you keep any of her hair that was cut off? Am sure that some of it was the hair she was born with.

Anyway, so glad that all went well at The Gatesworth and hair house.