Saturday, January 3, 2009

Special Angels

About a month before we left for Viet Nam, we sent a disposable camera over. The day we picked up Sophie Mr. Binh from Holt gave it back to us. We had it developed and WOW, what unreal images we have to share with our girl as she grows. Sophie was in the care of a foster family who obviously loved her and cared very well for her over a 13 month period of time. We are so glad to have met them and thanked them for all they provided Sophie. We are forever in their debt. Below are just a sample of the 25 photos we have.

Her foster father and mother. The family had a party for Sophie. The date on the cake is Dec 6, 2008. Wow... This image is just simply amazing...It has brought many tears to the eyes who have seen it. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR GIRL!!!

On the slide at the CWC just before we met her on 12/8

Big girl!!!

A VERY special lady.

On the swing at the CWC

Let's go riding!!

In my pretty dress that I wore on Gotcha' Day.

At her party.

At the CWC on 12/8 before we arrived. Her foster mother and we assume older foster brother.

Having fun and laughs with her foster family



Anonymous said...

What treasures those pictures are. I got all teary seeing them again.

God bless her foster family in Vietnam.


Annette said...

Such a wonderful gift. Those pictures are priceless.

We are so glad that Sophie is home forever now!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. I love that they took these pictures for you all. What a great idea. Sophie is so blessed to have new parents that have such respect of her culture.
Amy F.