Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From today....

I just wanted to share some pics. from today. Today Sophie and I went and had lunch with my dear friend Heather. First of all I would like to say THANK YOU HEATHER FOR LUNCH.. I had a blonde moment and forgot my wallet in my other purse ... at home!! She was very happy to meet Heather and of course was such a ham.

She also received another gift today from my friend Ashley....an apron!! Such a perfect gift since! Sophie loves to be in the kitchen with her Momma and we all know I only cook the best meals with my monogrammed apron. It only fits that Sophie have one too! Thank you Ashley.

Right now Sophie is sitting at the island waiting for her dinner... wearing her coat. For some reason she wanted to put it on (no it's not cold in here either). She loves to wear coats and gloves in the house. She had a good day with Hank too. This morning I went to the gym and she was a little moody towards him, but after nap she was a peach to him. She sat with him in his "man cave" and flipped through a magazine. I was no where near her and she just chilled there with Poppa. Finally, I walked into the room and she continued to sit with him for another hour! So we are making progress. She is also sleeping through the night and taking naps as well. I think she is finally adjusting to her schedule. However, she is a moody waker upper. She does not like to wake up (just like her Momma). She has a crazy attitude on her (hmm, like me? No!). She knows what she wants and is NOT patient at all (O.k. so I'm not either). Sophie continues to crack us up daily and is walking more too. Tomorrow it's off to lunch with a good friend and some Vietnamese food! Until next time...

This is what she does when I say "cheese"

Thank you Ashley!

Heather and Sophie


Anonymous said...

Hank are you playing fetch with your daughter? That's O.K. We do the same with Olivia!

Libby said...

LOL - she's playing fetch. Now if you starting calling "commands" at her I'll have to really say something about it. :o)