Monday, January 12, 2009

Folks...we now have a butterfly!

Yes, the cocoon has opened and we have a beautiful butterfly. Sophie has really came out of her shell. The laid back quite gal we all knew and loved a week ago has broke through the shell. She is very much 2. She wants to grab everything she sees (including the computer I'm using right now). She has little tantrums and gets very upset when she does not get what she wants. She is very much testing us right now... and I tell her "Sister, I'm pretty good at tests so you ain't gettin that cookie, or that pretty vase or crystal frame or....." you get my point.
However, she is such a ham and LOVES to show off. We sing "Wheels on the bus" a million times a day and each time she gets more and more dramatic with it. We even have our own verse (contact us for the video). It is so funny.
But the biggest milestone is ..... SHES USES THE POTTY!!! I was not planning on starting potty training this soon (I mean heck she doesn't even understand the word potty), but she decided she wanted to use the potty (by the way before I became a Mother--I hated the word potty). Every time I take her in the bathroom for her nightly bath she always points to the "potty". She tries to lift the lid and wants to flush the "potty". So Saturday before bath, I was feeling kinda of wild, and thought I would sit her on the potty and see what she does. So I did, and much to my surprise she went to the bathroom! So..... I was so excited! I thought well I guess we can try this potty training thing out. All day yesterday she went to the potty, she did not go in her diaper all night (well at least until 6:00 a.m.) And she has continued to use the potty this morning. So hopefully this will continue.
We will head back down to Cardinal Glennon today to drop off the yummy stool samples. I'm sure Sophie will scream her head off the minute she she's the place, I just might! Then it's off to lunch, nap and finally Toys R Us! Her birthday is Thursday and we have to get ready for the party, so I'm hoping Toys R Us will have Hello Kitty things. She loves Hello Kitty!
Enjoy video and some pics. of last week. Hope all is well with everyone!

Happy girl.. loves to eat!

Where's Sophie? Poppa showed her this..
Say Cheese!
Celebrating 5 full circle. The worst day of my life now became the best!
Poppa and Sophie!
Sophie wanted to give BFF Olivia some cheerios!


Anonymous said...

Where did Sophie get her "owl" sweater?


Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Go Sophie Go Sophie Shake Ur Booty!!!!!!! So glad to hear she busted out of her shell!!! Love all the smiles! Why are her earlobes still naked???? Aunt Jackie is waiting!!!! BTW the "word verification" I had to complete to post this was (I swear it) boobees!!!! HAHA!!!

Libby said...

And quite a little butterfly she is! Typical toddler! It's a good thing! We loved every minute of our dinner on Sat with you guys! Glad things are going so well!

Max & Anne-Marie said...

That video playing with the kitty is SO cute! Great to here she's "out of her shell" and throwing tantrums.....sort of....they're not fun, but they certainly mean she's comfortable with you which is very good news!


Anonymous said...

Oh...the owl sweater....thank goodness for some small things...

J and J said...

POTTY TRAINED!!!! This is great. Maybe Sam can come for a visit and she can show him how it is done (LOL). I think we are about 6 month or so away from potty training.
I am sure she will love her Hello Kitty party! can't wait to see pictures.