Sunday, January 4, 2009


Pretty quite NYE for our family. We went over to a friends house for a bit and rang in the New Year quietly at home. Sophie is getting along very well. She loves her cousins and her new B.F. Olivia. We went to Build a bear on New Years Day and Sophie picked out a nice Hello Kitty to stuff (just like her cousin SWG). She really loves Hello Kitty. She was a little scared of the loud blowing noise that goes along stuffing the Kitty. We even got to name the kitty---(Jackie and Rich I'm sure you can figure out the name). We went to see Olivia last night and the girls had a fun time playing together. They even had play time in the bath tub! They are both such hams.

Everything is running smoothly here. This week we take her to our jobs to meet our friends there! Can't wait. Until then enjoy some pics. and videos!

Just wait until this comes back around 20 years from now!
Flock of Seagulls..
Olivia Walker, Uncle Mike Walker and Sophie on NYE

Mommy Walker, Olivia Walker, Sophie and Mommy B

Check out my new Ughs!

Sophie, Pappa and Mr. B

Aunt Erin made me this tutu!

Thanks to the Hognon's for my Rose Petal Cottage!

Before we stuffed Mr. B


Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

HAHA!!! Mr. B! YES!!!!! I showed Mya pics of you guys and she remembered! She stared pointing and making all kinds of noises when she saw Sophie!!!! She especially loved the one where Sophie is feeding her...she went "MMMMMMMM"!

Thomas and Cathy said...

Hey I know another little Binh Duong girl that has the exact same pait of Uggs! :)

Stevens Family said...

So, so cute!! Autumn took a bath with her little B.F. on NYE and they had such a great time. Just adorable.