Tuesday, November 11, 2008


WELL!!! This is what I look like now, when you are sitting in your office @ 6:32pm WAITING for 1 MORE HOUR for the USCIS office in Saigon to open..
But we are still waiting on that I-600, which means WE CAN'T!!!!!. Holt called today, it was our Holt Branch Director. I saw her name on my BlackBerry and thought uh oh.......but it was her telling me to rattle some cages and that we are cleared by the VN government to go be united with our little angel, which means that our parent and child dossiers have received People's Committee approval! But nope....still waiting on OUR government to do their thing. The CIS office there was closed today (yesterday) for them in observance of Veteran's Day (Which I FULLY support). I talked to Holt Eugene for a bit to get the next course of action should CIS not have finished yet. Stay tuned for the latest!!! MOM AND POP ARE COMING SOPHIE!


Libby said...

YIPEE! So maybe we WON'T be doing Turkey Day Dinner together but that's AOkay with me! I'd rather you guys be over in VN than here (nothing personal) - keep us posted! There's LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!

Valorie Leonard said...

Yeah! I'm sure that you will be I600 approved and actually with Sophie so soon. You have one more step completed. Congratulations!

Destiny said...

Congrats on Travel Approval!! I'm so excited for you guys! Hopefully the other end will tie itself up soon! I can't wait to finally meet Sophie!