Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh..oh..oh..oh..oh.. N.K.O.T.B

So... what can make a girl feel better??? A little New Kids On The Block and great gal pals!! For Ann W. 30th birthday we decided, back in July, to get tickets to the greatest group ever--NKOTB!! And it was well worth the wait! And to top it off I, along with my dear friend, Sarah got to meet Jordan and Donnie. We were both very nervous to meet our idols, but we got over that as soon as we saw their friendly faces. What a dream come true for the both of us. I was actually sad when we had to say good bye. I some how thought they would break out in "Please don't go girl", but no go on that (I'm sure it's because Joey wasn't with them). The concert was a good 2 hrs and it was jammed packed with fun and 60,000 screaming ladies (30's and up). So I would have to say, by far, yesterday had to be in my to 10 greatest days--ever! We originally thought that I might miss the concert because of precious Sophie (which would have been fine), but I think she wanted her Mommy to see her idol's. So thank you ladies and NKOTB for a perfect day!!!


Hank said...

WHO IS THAT TOOL IN THE BOTTOM PICTURE B/W YOU AND SARAH??? He looks like he just woke up and that "B" on his hat.....Seriously...get one that has the STL on it! Glad you had a good time T!!!!!!

Laura Gordon said...

I'm so jealous you got to meet Jordan and Donnie!