Friday, November 14, 2008

Rosie and Woodpeckers

Over the past three days we have been on an all out blitz to get through to the USCIS. Dozens of phone calls and e-mails have been made and sent out. We are in contact and working with Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina and Senator Kit Bond from Missouri to help in our fight to complete Sophie's I-600 application. We are also in touch and working with the Department of State. All have been in contact with the USCIS and are pushing the petition on our behalf. We finally have made contact with the Director of International Operations at the USCIS in Washington and have a direct phone number and e-mail address. He is willing to talk to us at anytime. So, we will be calling him on Monday morning bright and early. With the force of many woodpeckers on a tree, our voice is finally being heard in Washington D.C. which is nice to know. We have been assured our girl's application has been given congressional attention. It is has been a rough couple of days, dreams of Sophie fill our heads at night. Patience is at a premium with us but we know that with time and persistence on our part, the day will come where we walk down that jet way and onto a plane bound for Saigon. Thank you to all of those who have reached out to our government to make our voice heard and to bring our daughter home sooner rather than later. We thank you VERY much. Stay tuned.....

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J and J said...

I know it is hard right now but what awesome parents Sophie has! You both have worked so hard to bring her home. In the future when she hears the stories she will appreciate how much her mom and dad went through.

Sending prayers for all of you!