Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busy Bees

Busy past 36 hours for us! We have our flights booked and confirmed. It was tight getting flights back, but it all worked out. Not the BEST times. We leave Ha Noi 12/20 at 11:35pm. We have the king of all layovers in Seoul! We arrive there 12/21 at 5:35am and do not leave again until 8:00pm that night. The nice thing is that Asiana Airlines provides us a hotel for the night/day so we can sleep! Nice touch Asiana! High 5!
We bought Sophie a seat home as other PAPs have done and they are glad they did! More room for us all. The ouchie part of this return is that we fly into St. Louis along with all the FedEx and UPS planes, arriving 12/21 at 12:24AM.....So we get to live the same day twice...oh fun!
Holt will forward our schedule here early next week, which includes everything adoption related. As it stands now, we will have Sunday 12/7 to rest and get ready for Monday where we will go visit Sophie for the first time at the Child Wellness Center. There will also be two other Holt families in country with us, one of which we know. Our G&R (Giving and Receiving) ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday December 9! GOTCHA' DAY!!! We have requested the Somerst Ho Chi Minh City (CLICK HOTEL NAME) for Saigon and Somerset Westlake in Ha Noi. These are fully serviced two bedroom apartments with kitchens and laundry in the rooms. Great experiences from previous families. The other Holt families will be staying at the Westlake as well, so our kids can play with each other! So that is the news to date. Hope you are are getting that bird ready for the oven!


Libby said...

Woo Hoo!!!!

Val, Mike and Brax said...

so so excited for you. now you can count DOWN the days till you get your baby instead of all the days that have passed to get there!!! yay!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful, wonderful...we all have alot to be thankful for this ya...Aunt Sue