Friday, November 21, 2008

So Passes Another Week

And no approval. We did talk via e-mail last night to the Chief Director of the USCIS last night late as she responded to my message from earlier this week. She has stated that the Saigon field office will provide us with an update by next Tuesday (60 days). What does that mean? Well three things: 1) That we could get our pre-approval (WOOT!!) 2) They could not be finished with the investigation or 3) Do and RFE which is a request for evidence. The RFE has happened to a few VN families but NOT the end of the world. It could delay us but we are still praying that this thing is finalized Monday or Tuesday and we can get packing to go get Sophie. I had a dream about her last night. Taking her out with my to watch planes land at the airport (a past time I loved as a kid). It was so real. I touched was almost as if she was right next to me. But she remains 9,000 miles away. Sophie has been in our hearts since June 13th. The love we have for her is unexplainable, even though we have never met her, heard her voice, held her, or seen her move around, it is a strange feeling. One day, someday we will be there and I know it will be the happiest day of our lives. FINALLY, the chance to be parents. It just takes us a little longer. A difficult and stressful road as many of you who follow have seen. So..... We are here.....waiting.....again. Have a good weekend.

~Sophie's Pop!

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Max & Anne-Marie said...

Great news - isn't it SO helpful just to get a little information about where you are with CIS? I feel your pain and your relief to have finally gotten through.

Sue said...

Tonite I will say a little prayer again that you get the news that you are hoping for...we are all hoping for that news too...we too are anxious for your little addition to our family be in your arms...prayers and love...Aunt Sue