Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adventures in Ha Noi Dining

We had wanted pizza, but we ended up in the twilight zone. The cab driver could not find our place (seems normal with the Belz and Duckers when we get in a cab) so we stopped at this "other" place which didn't look all that bad. We had some great laughs tonight and Sophie and Mya really enjoyed themselves watching their parents. On the escort report that Holt provided to us, Sophie goes to bed at 8pm and they are NOT kiding with that one bit. We got home at 8:01 and she was racked out in 2 minutes. Mommy is in bed too. We had a busy day. We hope everyone has a great day in the states. We miss you all and can not wait to come home!

Now, think...this looks like lime Jello, it has a fork, everyone got one. You make the or not eat? For 1,000 VND .....What would you do? Hank ate some... ANSWER? DO NOT EAT... still trying to have someone tell us what is was, but it smelled like an old gym sock! The staff in the restaurant all looked at me like I was NUTS! We confirmed with a manger type person...NOT is more of a pancake decoration....HUH???

You think your kids are picky? Rice Porridge and Dragon Fruit are a few of the things SLB likes.

At the restaurant tonight. The cat had a waving arm.

The pride of Ha Noi! Mrs Ducker w/ Mya and Mrs. Belz w/ Sophie

Good night from Viet Nam!


Destiny said...

what? no video? :) I can't believe you ate that Hank!!! Ack!! Have a great night... I've gotta go take my finals now.

Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

EAT IT EAT IT!!!! HAHA!!! We will get to the bottom of this green slime situation!!! You should have donkey punched that taxi driver for not finding Pepperoni's!!!! But the cheesy random country music place we ended up at was way fun...unless u want to order a bottle of water! HAHA!

Anonymous said...


Try Sophie on some noodles w/a tad of butter or something. Hopefully the groceria there has some choices that do not resemble that GREEN thing on the plate.

Glad you had some laughs and the girls had a good time.

Night Night


Thomas and Cathy said...

Okay I keep harping Mama Rosa's, but they have GREAT pizza and they deliver to the Westlake for free. You'd think I was a part owner of the place! The staff is awesome!

Mama Rosa
6 Pho Le Thai To
Next to Hoan Kiem Lake
Hanoi, Vietnam
+84 4 825 8057

Also, Al Frescos. GREAT ribs believe it or not. The chicken enchilada is good too. They also have free delivery to the Westlake.

Ann said...

so many memories come flooding back--thanks for sharing your journey.

we had good luck with pizza delivery at the hotel--papa joes? papa somethings--just expect it to be different than American pizza like the veggie pizza had corn on it :-) but it was good!

Sophie looks like she is settling in. loved the pic of Hank on the ride at the zoo :-)


Thomas and Cathy said...

Oh, BTW, you have to take a trip to Big C if you haven't yet. It is the Vietnamese Wal-Mart!

LawMommy said...

The waving cat is the "beckoning cat" (Maneki Neko) - he is very common in small places of business across Asia, he is waving to try to attract more customers.

Somewhere within walking distance of the Westlake is a good restaurant with Chinese style food and a small play area in the front with a slide. I wish I could remember the name, it's on the main road that you have to take to get to the zoo - here is a photo from just inside the restaurant - they did murder a turtle right in front of us while we were there, but, the food was good.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to go to the Quan An Nong restaurant. It was our absolute favorite. The food is delicious and you will be shocked at how low priced. If you go, have some batter dipped shrimp for me. I think it is 1.50 for half a dozen shrimp.
Kim Crawford
Mom to Evan from BD

Valorie Leonard said...

Hank this dessert is "that" It is lotus seed on the bottom and the top is a "green bean" "jello"

M is for Mama said...

I love this last photo here of Tricia and Sophie. Your daughter is beautiful but can we talk about Tricia's FLAWLESS make-up for a second?! When we went to China, I didn't even wear make-up! Girl, your eyelashes look AH-MAZE-ING! Congratulations to you all!