Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ha Noi with the comforts of home.

We found it. Heaven in Ha Noi. For those that are coming here, PLEASE PLEASE go to Vine which is on the East bank of Ho Tay near the Sheraton. The two owners, Tom and Greg and fantastic. They hail from near Chicago and Greg's brother lives in St. Louis about 1/2 mile where Hank grew up! We also met a couple there on their honeymoon. Her sister has a law office in St. Louis really close to where Hank grew up.
The food is outstanding, 5 star dining and the prices are very reasonable. We had two apps, aweome clay pot nachos, New Zeland fillets, lobster linguini and clay pot Sapa duck. They even have a kids menu. Vine is 3 floors, with the largest wine selection you could ever imagine. They even have a massive cigar collection and special rooms to enjoy them in. But we just enjoyed food and friends here. Tom and Greg treated us to two post dinner sweet treats and night caps. The entire staff here will do anything and Uyen is fantastic. She really loved us! The even arrange your cabs back to the hotel. Service above and beyond anything you get in the U.S. from any top dining spot. So please visit. I know sound like Thomas and his Mama Rosa rant :-) but gotta give credit where it is due!
We are doing ok! Sophie is not bonding with Hank so well at this point, but we know it will come with time. She does stick to Tricia like glue, and is VERY happy and content which is so nice to see that awesome laugh and smile we saw in her update pictures! So we are getting there! Slowly but surely we will be home! Oh, and for my Blues buddies.....seriously... can't you guys help them out win ONE game while I am gone? :-) I have listened to a few online in the morning here! Kinda strange.
Mommy's chic!

Pretty girl ready for a nice dinner.


She can sleep anywhere.

Hi world!


Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Vine was awesome!!!! Perfect night that we will always you guys!

Libby said...

It's a shame that you found Vine so late in the game but oh well....glad that you guys had a nice night out with Friends. Tell them they need to open up a Vine US here in St. Louis....

We're counting down the days until you guys get home (as I know you are too)! We miss you and can't wait to meet Sophie!

Thomas and Cathy said...

Dang it, wish we would have found The Vine when we were there. You guys are a tad more adventurous than us. We spent most of our time at "Just Masage" :) Just a few more days and you'll be home! We're praying for you guys! Love, T, C, and E