Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lunch By The Lake

Walked the street in back of the hotel which borders Ho Tay (West Lake) this morning to see the sites. We also stopped and had lunch at a fantastic seafood restaurant called Hai San Tuoi Song. Just look for the two pillars at the entrance totally wrapped in tin foil. We had five ladies as our servers. Everyone here is so nice. All the meals, are so fresh and tasty.
When we are walking around they ask "Baby Viet Nam?" and point to Sophie. We say yes, and they say "Baby lucky". Really brings things to a real level. Americans could learn alot over here. Like how not to drive like a moron or how to drive in traffic. There is no such thing as road rage, no cursing or yelling at the guy that just cut you off. Everything, just flows at their pace. A symphony if you will. Honestly, THEY are the lucky ones to have such beautiful and caring people here. The rich history of this country is amazing. Pick up a book and read about the people and their lives. Simply amazing, and we are so lucky to be sharing in it with our daughter. We look forward to teaching her about her homeland, and some day when she is older, return here so she can learn and appreciate it more.

Pop and the most beautiful girl in Viet Nam.

We dreamed of this picture for so long!


Lunch....10 minutes later! A tasty grouper! Now that is fresh seafood!

Shoulder rides from her Momma.

Local fisherman on Ho Tay. This "walkway" sits about 20 meters off the bank. It is not your traditional type of fishing. They use a 3 barbed hook style that resembles an anchor and seem to snag fish. He actually caught one just after we took this. Videos later on the method. Hank would love to try this!


Valorie Leonard said...

What a great day experiencing such a wonderful country!

Anonymous said...

Another special post! What an incredible way to start my day by seeing my son, his wife and THEIR daughter. I could not ask for more other than when I see you in person in STL.
Looks like Sophie and you both are hanging in there and becoming a team and more importantly a family!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Maybe she needs so much sleep is because the food she is accustomed in eating is not giving her enough of the nutrients to keep that little body going. Hopefully she will expand her taste buds soon. Sorry....just being a Mom :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, that fisherman looks like he is sitting on the dock at Rosebud Ranch! Ha!

All The Best,

The McIntyre Clan