Monday, December 1, 2008

One Week From This Exact Time

At 6:45am (12/9/08), we will be picked up and drive to the CWC in Binh Duong to be united with Sophie forever. The day that we have been struggling to become a reality is finally within sight. Wow, the emotions that we have gone through, since that cold January 9th morning at St. Luke's hospital here in St. Louis. The phone call from Tricia as I was headed to work to come back to her room there. The tears we both cried when we were told by her Oncologist of her cancer. It is now coming down to the wire where we can finally be parents to the most beautiful little girl we could have ever imagined. We have fought and fought and tried and the feelings are just overwhelming. Scared, excited, nervous, everything.
I just want to let my wonderful wife know, HOW PROUD I AM OF YOU! Everything that you have accomplished as well as battled and won. It is now OUR time and we are the center stage. God has finally answered our prayers. I love you T....... even though I forget some things (like the TP from Walgreens :-)) I know in my heart that you will be a wonderful mother to our daughter. I am looking forward to being a father and you a mother and raising our girl as parents....


mommabelz said...

I made it through because of you! I love you too pop!

Thomas and Cathy said...

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! We will be thinking of you every minute as you travel. Go Bless, Love, Thomas, Cathy, and Emma

Anonymous said...

Hank and Tricia, I don't talk to either of you very much...but I have followed along for some time now....All I can say is I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH!!!! I can't wait to meet your beautiful daughter! Reading along you both have brought tears to my eyes more than once! There is so much love in your hearts..You are entering such a special time in your lives,savor every moment from the hugs and sticky kisses to the sleepless nights! I'm so happy to be able to follow this wonderful journey! Can't wait to see the pictures! Godspeed...Vicki K.

Wild Wendi said...

Tricia and Hank,

We are so thrilled for you and can't wait to see Sophie in your arms!

Brian & Wendi

Anonymous said...

YOU will be a fabulous father....I know for sure.
Your Gaga set a perfect foundation for you to do so. Looking down from above, he is proud of the man you have become and so am I.

I stand back with joy and pride to watch you as an adult navigate through life - the good and the not-so-good.

Being a mother is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me, and being a grandmother is just as wonderful.

As with any child, they have to get to know you as well as you getting to know, Tricia and Sophie will figure it out in your own way. NO instructions come tied to their little toes.

I pray that you have a safe journey to the other side of the world and back. I will be there in spirit with you every step of the way.

God has brought you, Tricia and Sophie to this point in your lives. I thank him with gratitude for His gift and miracle.

With tears of joy, I will see you at the airport in STL on December 22, 2007.


Libby said...

YOU BOTH deserve this more than words can say! YOU BOTH have fought this battle and won ten times over and YOU BOTH will be fantastic parents! Sophie is one lucky little girl and we call can't wait to meet her!

Get ready for the best ride of your life!

We love you BOTH - safe travels and we can't wait to see you with YOUR DAUGHTER in your arms safe and sound for Christmas!


Lib, Tim, Jack & Mason

Cris, Larry and Eli Tuan said...

Congratulations! We look forward to pictures of the three of you together.

Cris, Larry & Eli Tuan

Anonymous said...

Will be on pins and needles till I see that baby girl in your arms. Safe travels,will keep you in my prayers.Love to you both.Aunt Tam

Anonymous said...

We are so happy and excited for you! What an amazing Christmas blessing for Sophie to be home to celebrate the holidays. Wow, you have waited so long and now it is so close. Your long journey and patience is about to pay off. Congratulations!!!!
Jonathan and Kim Frank

Anonymous said...

This is so will be great parents and Sophie, who god has chosen for you, will be one lucky little girl. Love and prayers as you go and bring her home...Love and hugs...Aunt Sue

Duda Family said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful post and a tribute to your faith and hope and courage! Your raod ahs been long and challenging but what a path you are on! You will soon ahve that beautiful Sophie in your arms! Thank you for allowing us to follow along on your blog! Wishing you all the best! The Duda family

Laura Gordon said...

I am so excited that you will have Sophie home in time for Christmas! I will be praying for you while you travel. Have a fabulous time. I can't wait to see pictures.

Laura Gordon