Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today Is THE DAY!!!

Just a fun video to tide everyone over!! 5:00am here we are up and anxious!

Anyone for eel? She pulled them out of the bucket whacked it against the buket and threw it in the red basket. A few tried to slither away down in front of her.


Anonymous said...


I would recognize your toes that appeared in the video while you were riding on the cyclo, Hen. At least they wear helmets!

I am living this day right along with you and Tricia eventhough we are 12 hours behind you.


Anonymous said...

Please tell her that her Aunt Diehnee can't WAIT to meet her and loves her very, very much.

Laurie said...

Loved the video- how fun!! We were up at 5:00 too- it's like Christmas morning, even BETTER!! Can't wait to see your first pictures of Sophie! Welcome to PARENTHOOD!! :)


Duda Family said...

Today you become parents! What a blessing! Congratulations to you all! Thanks for the video! :) It is 6:42 pm Sunday night EST. You must be about to bust with anticipation. Have a wonderful, incredible day!

Anne said...

Haven't been able to be as active on the Holt board lately, but just wanted to let you guys know I am SO excited for you and am so looking forward to seeing your pictures holding your sweet baby girl SOON! Congratulations!! Your wait is ALMOST OVER!

Libby said...

HUGS and KISSES all the way from St. Louis! We love you guys and are SOOOOO EXCITED! Can't wait to see pictures of that beautiful little girl with her Mommy and Poppa!