Saturday, December 6, 2008

Top o' the Mornin' From Saigon

We are here! Plane landed at 12:01am 07-Dec. A breeze through customs, though since Trish has her natural hair color and her passport is blond, they kinda looked at the picture funny and asked! We had a Holt rep greet us and take us to the hotel. The ride from the airport was about 15 minutes. Saigon was busy even at 12:30am.

Finally we got to the hotel, showered and hit the hay around 2:00am. The staff here is TOP SHELF. After a nice 6 hour nap, we are at the Highlands Coffee eating breakfast. Weather is nice and sunny. Kind of feels like July in St. Louis with a nice touch of humidity. Traffic as other families have said is indeed fun to watch with a zillion mopeds racing through the streets with cars and taxis being the minority. We are going to explore a little today take a swim in the pool and get ready for THE BIG DAY tomorrow when we meet our daughter for the first time! We look forwarding to sharing it with everyone!!! PS Tricia hates the humidty as her hair goes to those natural curls!!! Talk to you all on the flip side!

~Sophie's Mom & Pop


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the update. Enjoy the moments!

Uncle Dirt

Cris, Larry and Eli Tuan said...

Glad to hear you made it there safely. We're looking forward to pics of the two of you with Sophie!

-Cris, Larry & Eli Tuan

Thomas and Cathy said...

Hank you know I set the standard for updates, so we expect at least daily :) !!! JK! Hey, what hotel are you guys at? Somerset HCMC? You guys have a great day and we look forward to what's next! :) Love, T, C, and E

Anonymous said... close...still with ya...give Sophie a hug and kiss for me...Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

oh yes...GO OKLAHOMA!!!

Anonymous said...

Your lives begin tomorrow! I know you will savor every tiny second.

Hugs and tears to you both and precious Sophie.


P.S. It's 16 degrees in STL this am.

Libby said...

Glad to hear you got some sleep! Enjoy! can't wait to hear how about your big day tomorrow!