Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hotel, not so much!

We like the West Lake but hotel life stinks! The comforts of home are NOT here. The laundry situatuon is HORRIBLE. The pint sized washer dryer take FOREVER to completely dry clothes. But oh well we manage.
We had the Duckers over for a bit yesterday evening, went down and ate in the the restaurant. Sophie is now clinging to Tricia and wants nothing to do with me, which I understand. Look at me :-) It is hard though as Tricia is taking a brunt of the holding etc. The grieving is very obvious. Sophie loves Pho. We gave it to her last night and you would have thought we hung the moon in Ha Noi. We will venture out today and get some "fresh" air. Those who have been here, know that is a total joke. Air polution here is out of control. The haze and smog are 100x worse than Saigon. We will wait to see where we all decide, maybe to visit Uncle Ho, or the Ha Noi Hilton. So we are learning everyday from our little one. We will update this evening again.

Mya Grace first French Fry!

Hangin' out!

Eating Pho for dinner...whatever floats her boat!

Reading with Mommy.

The view from our deck. West Lake in the background. No that is not FOG...


Valorie Leonard said...

She is getting lots of reading time with mommy! Keep the updates coming.

Libby said...

You are the BIG TALL BALD GUY - kind of like Thomas, what do you expect? Don't worry, she'll come around - just get down on her level - T's much shorter so it's much easier for her :o)!

Sounds like you all are doing just wonderfully!

Anonymous said...

Great new round of pics, Tricia and Hank.
Not to worry, Sophie will be a Poppa's girl for sure. She just needs time. She has to become familiar with your smells ( the good kind)- she will feel safe and loved soon, I just know it.
Weather wise in SC - 70 today and now rain and thunder as a huge cold front is coming. Sure hope the weather cooperates for us next week with safe arrivals in STL.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates. We love hearing about your adventures. Don't worry Hank she will be a daddy's girl before you know it!!!
Love, The Walker's

Thomas and Cathy said...

She'll come around. It is exactly what happened to us while we were there. Cathy had to do all the "work", but now she's a daddy's girl! Dude, I swear you are staying in OUR apartment! That is the exact view we had from the balcony. What floor are you on? I think we were on the 5th floor. So is Uncle Ho back in town? He was on his annual trip to Russia when we were there. Hey, go eat at Mama Rosa's while your there. Great Italian food! Thomas

Cris, Larry and Eli Tuan said...

We found if you open the detergent compartment during the 'drying' phase it will release the steam and your clothes will come out dry!

We loved walking and shopping around the Puppet Theatre & Hoan Kiem (spelling?) Lake. Lots of interesting things to see and do.


-Cris, Larry & Eli Tuan

Cathy Keller said...

Hank, it may take time (like it did with Emma and Thomas)for Sophie to become close to you but she will eventually...don't you worry! We check the blog several times a day...keep those pictures coming. She's a doll baby! Cathy

J and J said...

Another tip on the laundry. There is a drying rack in the cabinet above the unit. I was using the shower rod and the maid showed it to us on our last day there. You may have found it but it would have helped a bit. It is so neat to see the familiar sights! Agree with Thomas about Mama Rosa's, good food!

Destiny said...

I'm up way too late here studying for my finals...and I'm glad you keep updating cause that means I can put off studying just a little while longer! I'm glad all is well, and I'm still unbelievably jealous that you are in the future cause in 12 hours I will be done with fall semester! Keep having a great time! I can't wait to finally meet the darling in person!