Saturday, December 13, 2008

You want videos? Well here ya go!

You wanted em, I got em! Video's galore! Yesterday was a great day for lil miss sassy pants. After breakfast and a short morning nap we went with Jackie, Rich and Mya on a walk down the seafood street. Besides the smell of fish and the float dog carcas in the lake, it wasn't to bad. Sophie decided after her 3 bowls of fried rice and 2 bowls of corn chowder that she wasn't going to take a nap. I knew she needed a nap because we were going with the Duckers and Bocek's to the old quarter for some SHOPPING! HEY! And I needed Sophie at her finest. We decided to go anyway and thought we would push through and if she became fussy we would just leave. Much to my surprise, and 50 shoe stores later, she was just fine. Apparently she is not a big fan of shoes, but she'll learn soon enough, because every shoe store I walked into she made a whiney noise. Like I said, she'll learn. Last night we went to the Duckers for some dinner. Sophie played really well with everyone! I was so proud of her.

It's time to wake sleeping beauty up for some eggs! So enjoy! We miss home!


Dave said...

Hank and Trisha,

We are so happy for you. I haven't logged on in quite some time, but I wanted you to know-Sophie is beautiful! And I am very glad you had the chance to travel so quickly. May your lives be really blessed by your wonderful girl.


Anonymous said...

She's a lefty for sure. Love the stick in the air lone pig tail :)

Looks like her walking is getting steadier...yeah! She seems very aware of what is going on around her and seems like she wants to join in the talking.

Thank you for the update and videos. They all mean so much.


Destiny said...

thanks for the videos! just so you know Sophie is kind of a big deal around the kappa house at TU. A few of my friends have been following the blog and can't believe how cute she is!! I miss you three!

Thomas and Cathy said...

Those videos are great! We are so happy things are going well! Hope you are enjoying your time in Hanoi but know you are looking forward to coming home! Keep em coming! Love, T, C, and E

Anonymous said...

We miss you too! LOVE the pics and videos--I live to sign on and see what you guys are doing. Glad you are enjoying the company of another NJ paramedic too!


Max & Anne-Marie said...

Great videos! So nice to see Sophie connecting with you - love the video with the kiss!