Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still Here!


Yes we are still here! Just getting all in check since family is gone and we are having fun with our little girl. She is doing good and adapting to life in America. She is showing slow signs of improving with Hank but still has those temper tantrums with him.
She has learned to say "Meow" and point to the cats, and "Aarff" and point to the dog. Bath time is better, except for the hair washing part. We have about 45,000 toys in the tub. Whatever works. We are figuring out what food she still likes and doesn't. No apples, oranges, pears, peaches, but watermelon is still ok. Nothing really fried like nuggets, but grilled chicken is ok. She still loves her strawberry milk and juice!
Hair dryers scare her to death and we have hit the car wash twice in the past two days with the same reaction to Tricia's hair dryer. Sophie loves music and sings and dances (her way) to anything! Her new trick is to do the "Mya Face", which you can check out of Rich and Jackie's page! Mya does it better, but Sophie's is pretty good too! She can blow kisses, clap and wave bye-bye. She tells us "NO" in Vietnamese when she doesn't want to do something! The other night we went down to Pho Grand (our fav VN restaurant) and she had a great time. Everyone there talked to her in Vietnamese and her eyes lit up! They told her that we were here to love and take care of her forever and we would never leave! :-)
We have her play room filled with her toys she loves to interact with everyone. She will play with Hank if Tricia is in the room with some fits of throwing things at him, but it is getting better slowly.
We are planning her 2nd birthday with is on the 15th. Nothing major just some fun at the house with family and friends. She loves chocolate so it will be great to see her dive into a huge choco cupcake! Hope everyone is well and our best for a safe New Year's Eve!


Valorie Leonard said...

What fun to learn all about each other!

Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Mya says "EEEEEWWWWWWHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" HAHA! Glad to hear you all are settling in at home....this has been like the never ending holiday right???? We are finally starting to be able to have a normal schedule here at home also. Sophie, I wanna see those lobes stabbed with perty jewels by Saturday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

At 4, Lauren still hates having her hair washed so Sophie is pretty normal!
Miss ya!